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Guest Post By: Shane Vanden Berghe – Aliases: Introspectah, Flemporer

Steady on the rise, valiantly emerging from the ruins
formed by an unwisely protracted phase of societal suicide,
having spent years in neurotic evasion of social confrontation
with a weakness I allowed cause and circumstance to foster,

Standing on the precipice of pragmatic resurrection,
I stay purposefully compelled to proceed on this trajectory
of incremental reintegration: working from and with 
dissociated hence blindly embodied weakness,
in the aim of gradually alchemizing
the crude, undifferentiated matters of identity,
driven by an inescapable necessity 
to embrace the long-lost, repressed physical soul,
inseparable from the very weakness
I for so long endeavoured to disavow […]

As such:
That which I most need is to be found where I want to look least of all. *

Hence it stands beyond the shadow of doubt,
illuminated by a revelation of celestial clarity,
that the only way thoroughly forward is through,
‘ the residual swamp thickened by neglect years unaddressed,
in so doing inevitably having to feel through layers of muck
to the common, successfully differentiated Man,
seeming unappealing; like unnecessary collateral damage
caused by youthfully delinquent night-time grave-robbers

yet the resurrection of a young man formerly buried
among the ruins of societal suicide
irrevocably calls for the rite of grave-digging to begin with…

Retrieving secrets taken to the grave

To set off his revival on and from the ground.

As such I know full well I’d do injustice 
to both my self and the reader by laying claim
to a certain distinct force of strength to bash the nail into oblivion, 
while I have yet to examine the purpose of the method
—whether or not it is my soul’s currently ongoing calling
to swim upstream, along with these prominent pioneers
who’re reversing the tide, strain by strain – paving the way
for each of us to be inspired to act likewise,
nonetheless reform and reformulate our own code of conduct, 
in abiding by the laws of our soul.

Thus, no matter how deeply I perceive the unmistakable value
to this horse-powered rally of these revolutionary men on the front,
raging war against internal weakness and the embracing thereof,
in spite of being so tremendously inspired as to approach transformation
from the very affect, I cannot negate the unwavering conviction
grounded through trial and error,
which continues to urge me to grow through weakness
instead of growing in contradiction to it.

[End of Part 1: succicnt essay in abbreviation
of the narrative’s expanse]
*footnote: paraphrased quote of Carl Jung,
  pinned atop my Twitter profile.

For how can a Story be told in defiance of its core element?

To be admitted, once sight’s set on peak,
a fresh horizon dawning,
outdated vestiges of chapters not entirely outlived
can be questioned for their expired relevance and growing malfunction 
in the process of renewal: as immoderate focus on the old and outdated 
does and will hamper the present course
if it is to be succesful in wholesome renovation.

No doubt about the risk of self-sabotage 
in melancholic fixation on what’s passed and ought to be, 
yet — How can a Story be told in defiance of its core element?

And if the Story is needing to be told,
should the author not strive to refrain from discriminating
against these features of weakness so commonly
regarded within our domain
as unfavourable, undesirable; amenable to corruption 
of the boastfully revered ideal of untouchable Masculine rigor.

For as much as I grasp and must humbly confess
to have overdeveloped inferior features and attributes of behaviour,
ethically I stay compelled to vindicate the purpose 
of cultivating the strength of my Character 
in accordance with my soul’s trajectory 
throughout this span of time,
standing on the precipice of grand renovation;
staying true to the Righteous Principles of Virtue
by the force of which I vanquish weakness within and around,
in a conduct entirely authentic and unorthodox.

[End of Part 2: Continued Abstraction]

[Part 3: Elucidation with intent of familiarizing]
(not necessarily seeking publication, just clarification)

All this talk of Narrative – stories being told…
yet I dance around the crux like an infidel.

To the matter at hand,
Only recently have I slowly been striving to come to grips
with my Duty as Author,
for as naturally as the frequently effortless act
of writing and speaking with Conviction
comes to me, thus far I have almost always, with bare exception,
indulged and finessed my literary prowess in dialogical format
— hardly ever, must I say never, truly having been
naturally or dutifully compelled
to write for the sake of it – towards, for myself, or in attempt to launch
my stories into the ether, were I to have felt the need to emit the signal
from the outerspace I inhabit, beyond the bounds of publically socialized,
concretized territory.

Yet progressively messages both intimate and impersonal
have come to demand 
and seize my attention,
the latter most notably by virtue of this most remarkable
endeavour of yours
to expand way beyond your reach; to inspire men to take
heed to your example and lead.

In these times of deliberation regarding Duty and Vocation;
seriously deliberating How and Why I will and have to express my Self
in order to make greater use of the serious value I have to provide,
you have already functioned as a tremendous catalyst,
-as has by now become clear and obvious,
most importantly to my own conscience-
while furthermore you have so long, to my mind,
consistently exhibited and displayed
a most remarkable feature of Love for your fellow,
which I feel the need to commend with great reverence,
as I surmise to see with clarity what you are aspiring to bring about.

Thus, here I am, after having kept reasonably close track
of your consistently continued transmissions
on the platform in question,
whether I deliberately decided to or not,
as you made sure to enforce your Self and Message
on and into the minds of the readers,
some of whom in deed experience dire need
for a Mentor the likes of which you have set your self out to be.

In accordance with the whole narrative subtly
portrayed in the opening chapters,
it will then come as no surprise I must confess
to still having to learn a whole lot,
in the face of which I do regard you as apparently
holding tremendous potential
to guide or advise me in whichever way demanding to be traversed,
if there were to arise on your end the undeniable
incentive to come through.

If only from one Writer to another,
as its particular expression by your hand has made
an indelible impression upon me,
hence I’ve been compelled to reach out, as to my mind
it’s become undeniably clear
that whenever and within whoever I discover a great
Source of Inspiration,
this often discloses a tell-tale sign of familiarity,
which I have here and there seen confirmed in
segments of your writing,
and excerpts of appearances.

Here you go.

I sense this to be a right point to round off the transmission.

I send it out without expectation,
having laid my heart out on the table
and having endeavoured hard to stay as succint as I typically manage to keep it.

Regardless of the outcome,
boundless respect for your Commitment to ameliorate the world in accordance with your Ideals
—may you reap the rewards in abundance.

Much Love Brother Chance

*Inclined to share the sound that surrounded my ears during the writing:

Klaus Schulze – Psychedelic Journey

Note From Chance:

This was a great essay. I’m reminded of missives between late 18th and early 19th century notables.

The message of responsibility and awakening is something I really identify with, and I’m grateful to hear that the things I’ve done have had an impact.

Declare your intentions and see them through, show your heart, build your vision and teach what you have learned.

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