Revanchiste de Souveraineté

The territory was taken into hands blackened by the taint of abnegation

Blood spilled in the name of greater good the only goods within that nation

Collectivists collecting collections of disenfranchised; misery incorporation

Atavistic abandonment of self-respect in favor of envy; Cain’s continuation

The downtrodden, bound and sodden, tied to a trail of tears and ravens

Seeing nought but nothing sought so much as immolation

Yet, the few – we few – found an altogether brazen Atavus

The corpus of revanchism was seen as schism and swiftly put to flames

Yet, secret libraries remained outside their dead inertial reference frame

The lists of names – betrayers, destroyers, thieves, cannibals – maintained

Contained within stains of sin ingrained on parchment, a map of blame

A lane of travel, pain knots ravel, revealed and awaiting the snarling claim

Our reign was born in bloody rain, burned out eyes blind to scorn and shame

Yes, the few – we few – found an altogether murderous abacus

The conscience of the world at large is not so large and shrinking day by day

Once golden gleam of freedom trodden underfoot by mules and asses, bray

Pressure mounted ‘neath the ground, heating forges, melting clay

Hammer, anvil, crucible; forging weapons made to slay

Alloys hard and brittle shatter, still shrapnel kills upon the scattered spray

Tension, friction, predilections for vengeance cause the bonds to fray

Yea, the few – we few – bound an altogether glaring basilisk

The ivory towers were not well made, excepting ones they stole and claimed

Then maimed and killed the craftsmen; gates fell quickly, guard was tamed

Swinging from the weathervanes, academic corpses hanged and shamed

Merlin’s staff was made of holly, stolen magic dark with folly thus inflamed

Burning, screaming parasites leaping into sea; wood of holly, court of Vehm

Unnamed traitors forced to cater, corruption’s names proclaimed

Halls of Power, cowards cower; napalm showers thence were aimed

While scouring out Darkness’ roots, The Revanchists were unashamed

Aye, the few – we few – found an altogether thorough animus


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