I’ve been lucky enough to associate with some badass people who have made tools to help you become more than you are in this world.

As such, I’m proud to be able to promote these offerings and share them with you. Click on the pictures when you decide to make the leap.

Me pal Ryan Felman is no chump when it comes to building an online brand. One of the fastest growing Twitter accounts, a popular blog and email list, and the author of several books, Ryan gets shit done and people are always interested. If you’d like to learn how to create a powerful online presence, you need look no further.
Me pal Joe Hart is a fellow with some serious drive. He knows that the fragility of a single income source can severely dampen a person’s resilience during times of turbulence and that having the knowledge and ability to create extra income is a crucial tool for those who want to be able to withstand the chaos that will inevitably enter each of our lives. Whether you want to earn extra money on the side, or devote yourself more seriously, this guide will save you countless hours of research/trial and error.
Me pal Chris Johnson is a phenom. He’s created one of the largest Twitter followings of any non-celebrity out there, and he’s done that by teaching people how to sell things, create their own brand and creating products of his own. The Ridge Market is an opportunity to lean on the connections, experience and know-how that a titan of e-commerce can bring to the table in order to set up your own online brand. Chris and his team will build you a website, social media accounts and connect you with manufacturers. How’d you like to start making money right now?