The Great Man’s Ghost

He’d died 963 years 2 months and 13 days earlier.

The novel was, thankfully, finished, when he died. It was this that kept his memory alive for so long.

If he were forced to guess while still among the living, he’d have guessed he would have been remembered for his shrewd business skills or his rise to political prominence.

In fact, he’d often imagined, while his heart still beat, that he would be remembered.

And so it was.

Yet he was remembered for the novel, and it shifted the culture significantly for a number of years, and vestiges of his impact ran their course for centuries.

He realized somewhere within the first 150 years following his death that his impact would be finite, and as the years cycled by, he began to notice that there was some sort of equilibrium of the human condition that humanity was always returning to after the turbulence of a momentous event.

He saw that when someone was truly forgotten the impacts and shifts that their lives created in the world became as though they never were. He’d even questioned whether or not they had ever actually been there in the first place.

He’d also often wondered what it was that he was. He still seemed conscious, but not lucid. He could feel his body, but did not have one.

One more peculiarity, especially at first, is the fact that he was summoned wherever the crowd summoned him to, even if it required him to be in multiple places at once.

Every time someone thought specifically of him, or quoted him and talked about him, a piece of his being was summoned to observe and record.

Simultaneity was a strange experience from the beginning, and it never got any less strange.

But then the summoning had begun to dry up, and the stories moved further and further from a well-formed and fully-conceived memory or story and closer and closer to an overwrought collection of his greatest hits being altered to fit a narrative surrounding the primacy of comfort.

He had not experienced simultaneity in over 75 years.

And then one day, the last living person who remembered him no longer did.

This caused a strange shift within him.

He began to be summoned to experience a recounting of the channels his influence had carved following his death.

As he did, the memories and experiences in the recounting disappeared into the nothingness. And the world would shift around him to compensate for the fact that that part of him no longer was.

He finally understood the mechanism behind the equilibrating. He finally understood why humanity constantly acted as though the actions of their ancestors had never happened.

They hadn’t.

Not any more. Once they were completely forgotten in the world of the actual, they ceased to be actual.

He relived every experience he’d had since his death, and he wondered why it felt like reliving rather than a lifeless memory, and as he wondered such things the gravity of the experience and the impact of his life was erased from the course of history.

He wondered what would happen when he returned to the point of his death, if the process would stop, but it did not, it carried on.

There was a difference.

He realized that his life was connected to the lives of the people he had known and loved, his blood and his heart, all were removed from existence, for his memory was all that kept their memory relevant.

He watched the lives of his wife and children become undone. He watched every friendship he’d ever had unmade and the people with whom those friendships had been forged were exposed to the same dissolution.

His siblings went too.

File:CRL Crown rump length 12 weeks ecografia Dr. Wolfgang Moroder.jpg

And then he was in the arms of his mother, he felt the calloused hand of his father laid upon his back, comforting.

And then he was seeing the bright lights of the hospital room, the first lights he’d ever seen that hadn’t been muted by the body of his mother.

He was in the womb, warm and dark and nurturing.

And then his mother was gone, and his father.

And so was he.

Every trace was removed from the world. No more shaping, no more influencing, no more anything.

And then…


Back On Track

It’s 4 in the morning.

I’ve been up for 30 minutes.

This is later that I woke up for the majority of the last year.


Well, around this time last year I started a new job. I needed to be able to establish myself there quickly, and this meant going above and beyond.


I’ve also, as you know if you’re familiar with this blog, been writing an awful lot. Between approximately 30K words in guest posts for other blogs, and two books and this blog and…well, you get the point.

If I was to be able to do all those things, I needed to make time. Since I’ve already been working well over overtime hours, and I have a family that needs my attention, I had to carve my extra hours out of my sleep.

“But Chance, isn’t that hard? Plus, I heard it’s bad for your health. I could never do that, I love sleeping too much, hehe”


YOU could never do it. Why? Because you just said so. Is it bad for your health? Li’l bit, yep. Is it hard? Yep. But what have those things to do with accomplishing a goal I set for myself?

I knew what was needed and did it until it was done.

Now I’ve got a little more breathing room that I earned for myself. I’m still up way earlier than the majority of the world is willing to rise, because I’m still far more driven and disciplined than the majority of the world is willing to become.

But, I’m back on a routine. Where once I was letting every free moment be consumed by writing books, I am now writing and working out and podcasting and whatnot. There is a more regimented and moderate approach to things.

I’ll also be sleeping between 5-6 hours for the time being, instead of 3-5, until I am consumed by my next creative endeavor over which I obsess until it is done.

As an aside, if you are the type to become intensely passionate or obsessive over a project, then you’d best be setting a deadline. Otherwise, you’ll likely want to keep adding to it and refining it and getting all perfectionist-y about it. Setting a deadline and keeping the promise to yourself will help you keep that tendency from holding you back from completing the task.

I’ve several more writing projects planned, but they do not have deadlines yet, and I’m not obsessing over them yet, so I’ll be writing them in a more regimented manner too. Using an allotted amount of time to write what I can, then moving on to the next scheduled task.

Back On Track might be a poor title for this piece, as typically is has a negative connotation to it, and I was productively disposed while letting many things fall by the wayside. But, I was a bit of a train wreck for a couple months too. So, all the things that have been put on hold are now being resumed.

On that note, be on the lookout for a new podcast within a week, stay tuned to this blog for entries on a far more frequent basis, and sign up for my email list if you want even more juicy Logocentrifugal goodness.

Thanks for reading.

Chance Lunceford – Logocentrifugal

The Return of the King

I’m returning to several creative endeavors, including this blog, after writing/co-writing two books in just under two months. It was a ridiculous endeavor to have undertaken, when viewed from the outside, but it was something that I did to set the tone for the year.

A lot of folks talk about wanting to become something more than they are at the onset of a another new year, and tell themselves and the people in their sphere of influence, “This year, it’s going to be different, I’m gonna <insert stereotypical resolution here>.”

The problem is, they merely say it, and give it a half-hearted go for a couple-few weeks and then go back to the same old bullshit. Then they wonder why their lives are not all that they had hoped for them to be, and begin to look around them for people to blame.

Yes, I realize that this is a played out theme, but I wanted to set the tone for the difference between a doer and a wisher. The reason this theme is so played out is because the underlying divisions never die.

Doers are the people who take responsibility for their circumstances and act in a manner that allows them to influence their lives in the direction they want to head.

They realize that even if things outside of their control influence their lives, the things within their influence are what make all the difference. You see a doer imagines a world that doesn’t yet exist, and sets about building it.

A doer doesn’t look for problems to blame on other people as an excuse for why they aren’t where they want to be, they look for problems to solve to move them closer to where they want to be.

Conversely, a wisher imagines a world that doesn’t exist, and gets upset over the fact that reality doesn’t math their vision. Then they look for people to blame reality on to help them silence the conscience within them that tells them they are wrong when they begin to try and steal the rewards earned by the efforts of the doers.

A wisher denies the conditions of reality, and complains and whinges at the unfairness of life, and tries everything that they can to avoid putting forth the effort required to actually make meaningful changes in their lives.

It should be noted, for reality’s sake, that even if you do everything right and put forth maximum effort and wisdom, yes even if you act in a perfect manner, you may not succeed at building the life you’ve envisioned for yourself.

As I stated earlier, there are many forces at play in our lives that are not under our control, but of course we can’t do anything about that. The difference between a life of honor and satisfaction and one of envy and complaints is the effort put forth in managing the forces that can be controlled in one’s life.

So, what does all this have to do with my return to the blog and whatnot? Well, I wrote two books in just under two months because I wanted to prove to myself that I could, and I did. I didn’t make excuses or let myself off the hook because it wasn’t a reasonable task. I didn’t blame the unforeseen obstacles and obstructions that fucked up my timeline.

I did what it took to get it done.

For honesty’s sake, I should say that I went a week over my intended deadline. I had hoped to get it done in six weeks, but even after sleeping 3.5 hours a night on average so that I could stay up writing until I fell asleep at the keys and wake up early to write for 2-3 hours before going to work more than full time.

No excuses, I did what I could but I failed to meet my original goal. What I didn’t do, though, was let the fact that I overestimated my abilities get in the way of the important thing, namely, getting the job done.

I wrote more than 30,000 words in those 7 weeks. Most of you who will read this have not written that amount of words in your life. It’s not a pissing contest, I just want to frame my accomplishment because I’m proud of what I’ve done.

Another reason that I’m proud of what I’ve done is that both of my books were written with the intention of enabling people to take control of their own lives and, if they are willing to put forth the effort, narrow the gap between their dreams and their realities. The cool thing about that is, by writing the books, I’ve done just that in the doing.

Meta as the kids love to say these days.

Now, I’ll bet you’re expecting me to give you a sales pitch for my books now. To go on and on detailing the benefits they can offer and all the awesome stuff inside, and how it’ll be really easy to become really awesome.


I’ll just say that if you buy the books and do what they say your life will be better than it is. I’ll also say that it will require a shitload of work to build the life of your dreams, regardless of the methodology.

Here’s where you can find them:

Uncommon Mentality – How to think like no one else

The 5 Pillars of the Ascendant Mind

They’re both tools of great value, and I’m proud to have my name on them. If you want to advance further on the road to mastery, pick them up and make it happen.

Thanks for reading friends.

Chance Lunceford – Logocentrifugal

This Association

Guest Post By: Shane Vanden Berghe – Aliases: Introspectah, Flemporer

Steady on the rise, valiantly emerging from the ruins
formed by an unwisely protracted phase of societal suicide,
having spent years in neurotic evasion of social confrontation
with a weakness I allowed cause and circumstance to foster,

Standing on the precipice of pragmatic resurrection,
I stay purposefully compelled to proceed on this trajectory
of incremental reintegration: working from and with 
dissociated hence blindly embodied weakness,
in the aim of gradually alchemizing
the crude, undifferentiated matters of identity,
driven by an inescapable necessity 
to embrace the long-lost, repressed physical soul,
inseparable from the very weakness
I for so long endeavoured to disavow […]

As such:
That which I most need is to be found where I want to look least of all. *

Hence it stands beyond the shadow of doubt,
illuminated by a revelation of celestial clarity,
that the only way thoroughly forward is through,
‘ the residual swamp thickened by neglect years unaddressed,
in so doing inevitably having to feel through layers of muck
to the common, successfully differentiated Man,
seeming unappealing; like unnecessary collateral damage
caused by youthfully delinquent night-time grave-robbers

yet the resurrection of a young man formerly buried
among the ruins of societal suicide
irrevocably calls for the rite of grave-digging to begin with…

Retrieving secrets taken to the grave

To set off his revival on and from the ground.

As such I know full well I’d do injustice 
to both my self and the reader by laying claim
to a certain distinct force of strength to bash the nail into oblivion, 
while I have yet to examine the purpose of the method
—whether or not it is my soul’s currently ongoing calling
to swim upstream, along with these prominent pioneers
who’re reversing the tide, strain by strain – paving the way
for each of us to be inspired to act likewise,
nonetheless reform and reformulate our own code of conduct, 
in abiding by the laws of our soul.

Thus, no matter how deeply I perceive the unmistakable value
to this horse-powered rally of these revolutionary men on the front,
raging war against internal weakness and the embracing thereof,
in spite of being so tremendously inspired as to approach transformation
from the very affect, I cannot negate the unwavering conviction
grounded through trial and error,
which continues to urge me to grow through weakness
instead of growing in contradiction to it.

[End of Part 1: succicnt essay in abbreviation
of the narrative’s expanse]
*footnote: paraphrased quote of Carl Jung,
  pinned atop my Twitter profile.

For how can a Story be told in defiance of its core element?

To be admitted, once sight’s set on peak,
a fresh horizon dawning,
outdated vestiges of chapters not entirely outlived
can be questioned for their expired relevance and growing malfunction 
in the process of renewal: as immoderate focus on the old and outdated 
does and will hamper the present course
if it is to be succesful in wholesome renovation.

No doubt about the risk of self-sabotage 
in melancholic fixation on what’s passed and ought to be, 
yet — How can a Story be told in defiance of its core element?

And if the Story is needing to be told,
should the author not strive to refrain from discriminating
against these features of weakness so commonly
regarded within our domain
as unfavourable, undesirable; amenable to corruption 
of the boastfully revered ideal of untouchable Masculine rigor.

For as much as I grasp and must humbly confess
to have overdeveloped inferior features and attributes of behaviour,
ethically I stay compelled to vindicate the purpose 
of cultivating the strength of my Character 
in accordance with my soul’s trajectory 
throughout this span of time,
standing on the precipice of grand renovation;
staying true to the Righteous Principles of Virtue
by the force of which I vanquish weakness within and around,
in a conduct entirely authentic and unorthodox.

[End of Part 2: Continued Abstraction]

[Part 3: Elucidation with intent of familiarizing]
(not necessarily seeking publication, just clarification)

All this talk of Narrative – stories being told…
yet I dance around the crux like an infidel.

To the matter at hand,
Only recently have I slowly been striving to come to grips
with my Duty as Author,
for as naturally as the frequently effortless act
of writing and speaking with Conviction
comes to me, thus far I have almost always, with bare exception,
indulged and finessed my literary prowess in dialogical format
— hardly ever, must I say never, truly having been
naturally or dutifully compelled
to write for the sake of it – towards, for myself, or in attempt to launch
my stories into the ether, were I to have felt the need to emit the signal
from the outerspace I inhabit, beyond the bounds of publically socialized,
concretized territory.

Yet progressively messages both intimate and impersonal
have come to demand 
and seize my attention,
the latter most notably by virtue of this most remarkable
endeavour of yours
to expand way beyond your reach; to inspire men to take
heed to your example and lead.

In these times of deliberation regarding Duty and Vocation;
seriously deliberating How and Why I will and have to express my Self
in order to make greater use of the serious value I have to provide,
you have already functioned as a tremendous catalyst,
-as has by now become clear and obvious,
most importantly to my own conscience-
while furthermore you have so long, to my mind,
consistently exhibited and displayed
a most remarkable feature of Love for your fellow,
which I feel the need to commend with great reverence,
as I surmise to see with clarity what you are aspiring to bring about.

Thus, here I am, after having kept reasonably close track
of your consistently continued transmissions
on the platform in question,
whether I deliberately decided to or not,
as you made sure to enforce your Self and Message
on and into the minds of the readers,
some of whom in deed experience dire need
for a Mentor the likes of which you have set your self out to be.

In accordance with the whole narrative subtly
portrayed in the opening chapters,
it will then come as no surprise I must confess
to still having to learn a whole lot,
in the face of which I do regard you as apparently
holding tremendous potential
to guide or advise me in whichever way demanding to be traversed,
if there were to arise on your end the undeniable
incentive to come through.

If only from one Writer to another,
as its particular expression by your hand has made
an indelible impression upon me,
hence I’ve been compelled to reach out, as to my mind
it’s become undeniably clear
that whenever and within whoever I discover a great
Source of Inspiration,
this often discloses a tell-tale sign of familiarity,
which I have here and there seen confirmed in
segments of your writing,
and excerpts of appearances.

Here you go.

I sense this to be a right point to round off the transmission.

I send it out without expectation,
having laid my heart out on the table
and having endeavoured hard to stay as succint as I typically manage to keep it.

Regardless of the outcome,
boundless respect for your Commitment to ameliorate the world in accordance with your Ideals
—may you reap the rewards in abundance.

Much Love Brother Chance

*Inclined to share the sound that surrounded my ears during the writing:

Klaus Schulze – Psychedelic Journey

Note From Chance:

This was a great essay. I’m reminded of missives between late 18th and early 19th century notables.

The message of responsibility and awakening is something I really identify with, and I’m grateful to hear that the things I’ve done have had an impact.

Declare your intentions and see them through, show your heart, build your vision and teach what you have learned.


Guest Post From: Geoff Fury, @GeoFFuryBear

Word – 500 – Meditation – Wim Hof –  Ice Dive 2017 – Beach – Dive – Golden – Key

The Word of a God

Fury said, ‘What’s Logocentrifugal?’
Logocentrifugal said, ‘Logocentric + centrifugal = spinning out the truth that it all starts with the word.’
‘Ah’, Fury said. ‘Like the toltec? KJV bible? Sanskrit?’
‘Aye, like essentially every sacred work. But, people don’t like the responsibility of being a god, so they deny and point fingers.’
Fury said, ‘Mm. God of own realm, and reality. I diggit.’

This was a conversation, between me – @Geoffurybear – and Logocentrifugal – @logocentrifugal. We’d chopped it up before, on threads and tweets, and shared similar ideologies. Such as the one described above:

Your word is your bond.

And when you say you’re gonna do something you do it. Period. No trying, just doing. No wishy washy lame ass shit. Just action.


This quest post is to celebrate my 500 followers on Twitter, and I said if I’d breach the barrier I’d tell the story of how I nearly died of Hypothermia. In 2017. In the Ocean, near The Hague. Where the Dutch do their Annual Ice Dive.

Since then I’ve done it two more times. 2018 and 2019. But that year was loco, and it was all caused by my hubris and confidence in my ability to withstand cold, and meditate like an adapt, and have full control over my breathing and nervous system.

Hint: This is far from true. Right now, at least.


I have been meditating regularly since 2013, on and off, and then consistently again, and abruptly stopping, and then picking it up again. I read the Joe Pike series of Robert Crais. Joe Pike was a vegetarian Zen badass Force Recon Marine who did yoga and meditation. I decided to start these hobbies, too.

So come 2017, I’d become a little more adapt at breathing and yoga and meditation. Which in my humblest opinion, and with my limited knowledge on the subject: all three are the same.

Yoga = Meditation = Breathing.

It’s about breathing. And specifically, breath control.

Control your breathe, control your mind.
Control your mind, control your body.
Control you body, control your life.

Wim Hof Ice Method

Since I was all about that control, and overcoming your weaknesses, the Ice Man came my way of course. I’d hear about him on the news, in books, podcasts. You name it. The fact that I’m Dutch just facilitated my exposure to him.

Hubris that I sometimes I have, I thought this method was easy, and I didn’t need to buy a course, or speak to the man himself, and I just googled some breakdowns of the overall technique. Easy enough.

Google it. There is plenty of resources. And it’s fun.

I upgraded to ice showers, and there I achieved a personal best of staying under for more than ten minutes. Twelve or eleven I believe.

Annual New Year’s Ice Dive 2017

The morning of I packed my bag. Towels, socks, and what not. I also dressed for the occasion.

This is where it gets funny. I dressed up in shorts and a wifebeater. The wifebeater had horizontal stripes on it, kinda like a sailor, which was apt since I was going to sea. To this day, I can still remember the outfit. For obvious reasons of course.

And mind you: It was the dead of winter. January 1st. In the Netherlands. And the temperature was around zero degrees Celsius, and would dip below subzero, too. Good times.

At first it was okay, as I left the door. I’m pretty resilient in general, and as told, I’m quite good against the cold. No red flags. Yet.

I got to central station, met up with my cousin, and he was constantly saying stuff like, You alright? You good man? You don’t look too well.

Thing is the mind decides all. The internal monologue in your head. The WORD in your inner realm, where you are your own God. Truth spun out.

My mind was top notch, for now. But the body wasn’t. I’d gone into the wim hof mode. Using some kind of breathing mix mash of all the things I knew. Meditating. Pranayama – which is just alternating nostril breathing – this is something I do to this day, as it kept my alive during my Budapest trip. Five day straight hardcore partying with countless liquor. Topping it off with a banger in Prague. Over those five to six days I had slept a total of around fifteen hours. Averaging three hours a day.

When you’re me, and do some dumb ass shit, you HAVE to come up with outside of the box contrarian untested instantly working high level badass stuff.

Like Instant Meditation.

I’ve long since gotten more adapt at that, but still not where I want to be. And in 2017, I was not at the right level, as the temperature kept dipping and the frosty slashes of icy wind cut into my sleeveless arms, and legs.

I was shivering like hell. And I wasn’t even at the beach yet. Fun.

The Beach

We met up with two of my best friends and one brought his girlfriend. She brought a bottle of vodka. Which is not very smart if it’s already cold and you’re freezing to death, but liquor in your system warms you temporarily.

Another dumb thing. We stripped down. To our swimshorts and such. You do NOT do this. There is a specific time when everyone storms off, into the ocean, and it is absolutely stunning to behold. Like an ancient battlefield. Battalions going in full gallop, knowing they are going to collide.

We had time to kill, and the announcer broadcasted some lame ass general warmup to do. We warmed up with our own thang. We did air squats, and pushups, and my friend challenged me to a pushup contest, and I won. Of course. In my circle there is no one better than me at calisthenics. No one.

By this time I was seeing blurry, and was shaking more heavily.
I was getting warmer and I lost feeling in some of my toes. If not all.

Some toes got blue. And I seriously thought fuck it I lost em.

SEAL shit.

The blur is hard to describe. It’s like the one you see when you’ve run thirty kilometers straight. With no water and no food, on an empty stomach. In the summer, in the scorching sun.

Or when you shovel unlimited vodka, in your system, and you’re trying to stay alive during the night.

I can go in detail. But you get the point.

I was in full survival mode.

And you just know people are weak, when you’re in full out survival mode, and they’re saying shit that aint making it better:

– You dying bro?

– You look like shit?

– You blue.

Nothing uplifting. No hooa, no hooya. No SEAL comradery.

The Dive

Hora est. Latin for: It was time.

There was this stupid claxon signaling the go ahead sign. Dutch love claxons and honking shit and just straight up annoying Decibel Destroyers.

Like I said, The whole beach was like Normandy. Full of troopers ready to storm the sea. Reverse Normandy then. We didn’t storm the beach, but descended downwards, into the sea, from whence we all came according to JFK.

And each year it’s simply stunning. A sight to behold. A feast for the eyes.

People let out purely savage war cries. Atavistic, primal. Some dash. Some full out sprint. Others intertwine, and lock arms, and run together. Everyone is bare skinned, and women and men are no more, and it’s not about gender, it’s about the storming of the sea.

Everything blurs.

In the cold in the ice of the air in the sand we thread and you lose sight of the ones you came with and meet others and others fall and you pick them up and you scream and scream and scream and I pound my chest I think and there is just pure fury on the whole goddamn beach.

Then we hit water. Every year, the instant, the microsecond, my foot hits the freezing water, I lose all feeling in it. Gone. Like a clean cut of a katana.

We jumped around, and my friend made footage, with his GoPro. My cousin pussied out, and left the water early. And I just stayed near the edge, since I cant swim that well. No SEAL. I stayed in as long as I could and went back up the beach, to our stuff. My clothes. Shelter. Warmth.

Don’t get me wrong. I like crazy shit, and am the first, and perhaps the only one to admit that. But I’m not gonna straight up die, on some dumbass beach, in the Netherlands, with all my goals unachieved, all my women not swooped, my wife not found, and kids not embraced, and our farm not bought.

I was NOT gonna buy the farm.

Friend said, ‘You’re gonna die?’
For the umpteenth time.
I said, for the first and only time, ‘I’m not dying on any other beach than Normandy. In fact. I’m straight up not dying here. Whatsoever. Period.’

Golden Eternity

This is the final part on The Word. The Logos, in Greek. Your whole being, your inner universe, is founded on one thing, and one thing only. The WORD.

How you think and speak and decides your reality. YOU decide it. You speak things into reality. This isn’t Manifestation, of Law of Attraction, per se. But it is the truth I have spun out before you in my piece here today, and the truth I’ve lived for the last three years.

Your word is your thoughts.

Your thoughts can make, or break you. Can be positive, or negative. Can be ZEN, even. Nothing. Void. Empty. Clean and pure, and for ever and ever and ever alright and alright and alright.

A golden eternity, which is accessible to all, but only unlocked when you have the key.


Everyone has such a key. It is the WORD. Your word.

Your word is your key, to living your life, to its fullest.

And some might dread here: “I don’t have this ability, to verbalize positivity and badass stuff. I don’t have this key.”

To those I say:

A key is made.

Your key to unshackle you from your self-imposed restraints can be forged.
Your key to unlock the bars that keep you a slave can be forged.
Your key to open the Gates to Freedom and Wealth and Health and Relations. And Life. It exists. It is real.

And you can unlock your key with ease.
Right. Now.

Your key is your word.

My word is my key.
And it has been, for quite some time now. And on that first of January of 2017, in the cold and ice, wet and shivering, with blue toes, my word was my salvage and sanctuary.

My word is my key to my indomitable will. My will to ALWAYS survive.
That day I simple said one thing, and one thing only:


After that incident, I went into the same ocean multiple times.

Hit the pavement once, and went to the hospital. Chin dripping with blood. Seven stitches, five in the chin, two under the eye. Scars still show.

A loca chica stabbed me in the forearm.

Seen a second stabbing.

Shoveled unlimited vodka. Most times, three shots straight in a row.

Completed my second marathon.

And countless other seemingly impossible feats.

Or Touches with Death.

We all die, sure. So do I. So will I.

But I’m gonna do my damndest to ensure I survive for as long as I possible can. With all my strength and will. With my word.

I promise you that.

My word is my bond.

How To Maximise Opportunities & Be Lucky All The Time

(Guest post by Benjamin George)

Hello everyone, I am Benjamin George, owner of I write on Twitter at @benjamingjw, which I use as a training ground to learn skills and connect for the future.

My article today is about how to maximize opportunities and be lucky all the time. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I explored this idea via a thread, which I am now expanding and turning into an article.

The thread was well received and I expanded my own theory on opportunity maximization, and thus, being luckier. This is based on real life experiences and observations from others and myself.

I do believe that there is such a thing as being constantly lucky and that you can create your own luck. The way to do so is through opportunities. So, first thing’s first, let’s define opportunity:


  1. an appropriate or favourable time or occasion.
  2. a situation or condition favourable for attainment of a goal.
  3. a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.

Now, let’s define good luck:

Luck or good luck is success or good things that happen to you, that do not
come from your own abilities or efforts.

If luck is success that happens to you, without coming from the interior, it means it has to come from the exterior. Opportunities are situations that are favourable; as situations are external, my simple and basic thought exercise concludes that opportunities maximize good luck.

Now that we have a 100%, scientifically proven, irrefutable and serious conclusion, let’s move towards how to maximize opportunity creation for maximization of good luck.

A general guideline that I observe in opportunity creation is this:

  1. Spread seeds.
  2. Keep them relevant.
  3. Be ready to jump when the opportunity arises.
  4. Keep fit to be able to jump on opportunities.
  5. Be charismatic, interesting and likeable.

The analogy that I use is that of seeds, which will be explained in each step. Think of Jack and the beanstalk story. At the end of this article, you will become the most avid gardener in the block, so let’s get to it.

Spread seeds

If you know what a sales funnel is, it would be similar to creating awareness. If you don’t know, a sales funnel is a fancy marketing term that represents the journey a client takes from awareness to purchase. Think of it as an inverted triangle, in which there are a few steps: Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action.

We are trying to spread wide here, so we need to drop many seeds. We need to drop them everywhere and all the time, even when you are currently jumping on opportunities. Dropping seeds is a numbers game, the more you drop the more opportunities arise.

Sure, we could be more efficient and drop the seeds at places with a high chance of opportunity, but that’s what everybody else does, and they aren’t lucky, we are. Drop seeds everywhere.

Dropping seeds is creating relationships with a wide variety of people. It is being interested in them, it is being open about one’s skills, intents and direction.

Why? Because, as we clarified in our 100% scientifically fool-proof definition, good luck and opportunities come from the external. Who is external to us? People! Opportunities = People (I should have warned this was a scientific article, my bad).

Jack had magic seeds that would grow anywhere. We aren’t as lucky as Jack (or are we?), so we plant seeds everywhere, even if we think beanstalks can’t grow there. You never know, opportunities come from the most random places sometimes.

Keep those seeds relevant

You want to give the seeds water from time to time. Remember, by keeping in touch with people and staying relevant is already more than most people do. Following up on people and being present in their minds is how opportunities work. You have to be there.

Jack didn’t need to water his magic seeds, because he had the power of magic. We will water our seeds, because we are opportunity engineers and we are suddenly interested in gardening. Jack got lucky (oh the irony), we will funnel luck in our direction and create a system to constantly create opportunities. How different is Jack’s magic from ours?

Jack climbed the beanstalk of opportunity. While he didn’t have to water the seeds, we will.

Paying attention to your seeds must be done by keeping in touch with people. Being genuinely interested in people will always take you far, opportunities or not. It is one of the basics of being charming and charismatic.

For some, it is hard to keep in touch with people, it is hard to be interested in them and it is hard to follow up on them. I know it is difficult for the introverts and busy, but this can be trained. Opportunities happen for those who are actively open to them. This is a lesson for those interested in gardening, not sociopaths.

Tend to your seeds, or someone else will reap the benefits. Water them, make sure they have decent soil and lighting, keep pests away… etc. Be present in people’s mind and be genuinely interested in them.

Nobody likes a guy who jumps up the beanstalk of opportunity and rejects those that made it possible for him.

Be ready to jump when the opportunity arises

Most opportunities only happen once, and usually nobody is ever fully ready for them. We have to internalize that we will never be fully ready.

You are out there tending to many seeds and all of a sudden one blossoms and starts shooting up. You run up to it and climb as it grows, noticing you have your farmer’s hat on because it’s sunny, your watering can and shovel as tools, your gardening clothes on and you haven’t had lunch.

When you reach the top, the rest will be looking at you for what you are, an opportunity climb… err a gardener. Always have your tools and whatever you need in a backpack for when you need to jump. Be ready.

Jack saw the beanstalk and climbed. It was pretty obvious as it was a bloody beanstalk a few kilometres tall. Timing is everything, and some beanstalks grow exponentially and will take upwards those that jumped on them right at the beginning.

The lesson here is to be always ready. No one will be ready 100%, you will have a bit of mud on your shoes, but being aware that most times it is now, and now only, keeps you away from distractions.

Keep fit to be able on the opportunities

Keeping fit to be able to jump is very similar to being ready to jump, but it isn’t the same. This lesson ties more into being always at your best, or at least close to it.

You may be ready, with your suit on and the proper tools and jump in at the perfect time, but once you’re at the top you might be sweating, tired, clumsy with the tools and give an image of incompetence.

Do not neglect those aspects that need time:

  • Physical fitness.
  • Mental agility.
  • Skillset.

And many more. They are all connected, all of it makes you. Don’t let things that take a small time everyday take away what you have been working so hard for.

Don’t be the person that had everything set in place, but at the time to jump was too weak to reach the growing beanstalk.

Be charismatic, interesting and likeable

While your skills and work are what matter in the end, everyone at the top of the beanstalk is equally skilful. Your personality is what will make the difference in a sea of competence. Being likeable while providing top notch results is the most efficient way to maximise opportunities.

Heck, being likeable is something you must have mastered by now while spreading seeds in step one. You don’t want to reach the top of the beanstalk and have no one relate to you. You are the funnel to your skillset.

Like we mentioned earlier, you never stop spreading seeds. Opportunities sometimes come up like a connected chain, making the most of one opportunity can result in getting your foot at the door for the next one.

Remember, at the centre of all of this are people. People like likeable people. Be a likeable person.

A word on the journey

You are now the master gardener. The one that plants seeds everywhere. The one that tends to all of them and gives them all the time they deserve. The one who is always ready and fit. Not a spec of mud or dirt on your shoes. Not a hair out of place.

Yes, I am talking to you.

You climb up all the beanstalks. You make them grow everywhere. You are the King Midas of beanstalks, the apex gardener. You have it all figured out to a T, yet there is one thing you forgot.

One thing you overlooked while you were busy making magic happen: your soul.

What are the end goals in opportunity? Why would you want this knowledge? Do you really enjoy keeping up with everyone? Are you using people?

I like to provide amoral advice, but I always leave a paragraph or two dedicated to misuse and morality. One can get lost in spreading seeds and climbing beanstalks, neglecting one owns humanity. People are not mere tools or vehicles to use and take you somewhere. People are people.

If you don’t like certain people, cut those seeds out. If you don’t like where certain beanstalks take you, don’t climb them up. Going through certain paths closes others, be wise with your journey.

Nobody likes professional beanstalk climbers. People see right through it. Ask to yourself why.That is all, future opportunity gardeners. Follow me on Twitter @benjamingjw and watch me spread those seeds like I spread those tweets.

Spinning Plates On A Tightrope

I’ve not been very consistent with this blog thus far, as I’m sure 99% of people who start one have commented before me, but I’m not going to let this website fall into disuse.

I paid for this motherfucker, and I hate wasting my money. Plus, I intend to change the world, and I need a platform form which to enact my plans of world improvement.

Thing is, I’ve also started a podcast, and I’m figuring out how I want to craft it, the limits of my current abilities in doing so and the constraints on my time.

This is really the crux of the matter. How much time can I spend on each endeavor, and is that enough time to ensure the minimum level of quality I expect from myself before I publish to the world.

Here’s the thing though, I have ideas about how often I want to be able to unleash my creations on the world, but it appears to be unrealistic. I’m not a lazy man, nor do I squander my time on frivolous activities on more than a very rare basis.

So, I’m left with a couple of choices, do I downsize the number of projects that I’m engaging with to make room for a more frequent delivery of content in less venues, or do I continue on with all of them and accept the timing for what it is.

Another factor is this, I promised to have TWO ebooks written and published by the end of this month. One of them, a collaborative effort with my brothers James P. Dowling (@jamespdowling) and Garrett Dailey (@libera_rex), is written and is being edited and formatted currently.

The other book, a work aimed at helping you to increase your mental capacity call Uncommon Mentality, is being written. I’m on a tight deadline, because I aim to meet my promise, and it is eating all my project time. Once it is complete, there will be a lot more time to devote to the podcast and blog.

So, I’m going to stay the course. I’ve got another couple weeks of craziness as I get this book finished and out to the world, and then I can settle into a more scheduled and balanced creative routine. I’ll be devoting specific days to working on the podcast, to working on a full-length book I’ve promised by the 4th of July, and to sending out my weekly email.

The blog will see a nearly daily contribution. I want to share who I am with you on many levels, and this blog is a place to show you the diversity and depth of my interests. It’s also a great place for me to teach tools, and to share with you I might share with friends (were I to have any, hehe).

So, stay tuned to my world, because I’m doing a ton of shit and I’m excited to share it with you. Keep your patience with me, because I’ll have much more energy and time available to devote to this blog and the Logocentrifugal podcast in the near future.

Until then, back to work on the book and sporadic bursts of other creative stuff.

Chance Lunceford – Logocentrifugal