Wind It Up

I promised to have this site up by January 1, 2019.


I’ve got this bad-boy running, and I’m here to shake up the world. There are a lot of folks out there interested in subverting the truth to suit their own agendas or to keep their minds from the effort necessary to contend with the often harsh realities that accompany the truth.

I’m not one of those folks. I’m here to bring you the truth as I see it, to examine all manner of subjects, and to be more ruthless with my own flaws and failures of understanding than I am with anybody else’s.

You see, the weight of the truth is formidable indeed, but it can be lifted as long as you’re honest and willing to put forth the effort. The weight of deception, however, is a crushing weight that can only be lifted by returning to the truth and facing the consequences of your lies.

I don’t get crushed.

I lift the stones of truth to harden myself against the pressures of a twisted and corrupted world. To wrestle with the truth requires a mind of steel, bones like stones, and a well-woven soul.

If you lack a strong mind, the voices of corruption will taint your thoughts. If you lack strong bones, especially your back-bones, then the pressures of life will crush you. If you lack a strong soul, then your purpose and your message will be hidden from you, and you’ll be lost in a sea of confusion and subversion.

This must not happen.

This is why I’m here. To show you a path away from weakness, from deception, and ultimately a path away from destruction. I’ll be using the cornerstones of unvarnished truth, pointed humor, the multi-layered power of metaphor, and the life-bringing light of practical guidance to steer you back to the proper path and to strengthen your ability to walk it.

Who am I to be claiming to be able to teach you such things? How am I so sure that I can help you on your journey?

Because, I used to get crushed by dishonesty and failure at every turn. I’m a man who failed to be honest, with himself and the world around him, and who became a destroyer of the kindness and good faith that was heaped upon him in spades.

I was once a veritable monster, and now I am not. The reason I am not is because I chose not to be, had a lot of help along the way, then learned and did all that was required to shape myself into the man I am proud to be today.

Who am I today?

I am a daily writer, a physical beast, a man relied upon by many to get the job done, and a man with a purpose and mission to deliver the tools, skills, and psychology required for anybody to climb from the pit of despair, clean the dirt from their essence, and to begin to walk the path of light once more.

Most importantly though, I am a husband and father, and my desire to help heal the world is firmly rooted in my desire to do whatever is within my power to see that the world my family lives and grows within is as good and kind and true as possible.

My family is the reason that I am here sharing my heart with you. I want my daughters to know that if you lead from the heart, you can make a real impact in the lives of those you touch. I know this to be true, because it has worked on me, and I’ve seen and contributed to it working on others.

And so, dear reader, I leave you with this:

Stay engaged with me, rise to the challenges I shall deliver to you, and become something more than you are. Have the courage to become the best version of yourself that you can be. I’m committed to helping you do this, and I will deliver everything I know of to help you in your journey.


Chance Lunceford – Logogentrifugal

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