Of Ash, Of Fire

By: Chance Lunceford – Logocentrifugal

Pay attention, learn deep signals
Beyond the bounds of burning bridges bounced a brightly brazen
Mountain lion
Counting steps and cracks as threats and reasons for melancholy

Alternating haze and panic, too much space or too little
All the drive but none of the stay
Crashing coursing courses crashing coarsely, casting
clouds in bright Sun

The learned of the verse, the wisest of the numbers
Cared not for instinct nor of purpose
Clinging to the rote and sure, uncertainty a staggering burden
No place for non-uniform impatient hearts; misfit anarchy

Greetings to the horsemen, all four verily hitched to the wagon
No time like every time to raise another flagon
No sense wasting all the fires of the dragon
So step into the flames and gaze into depths of void
Fire burns souls just as well as flesh
A void unmade where once was woven mesh
The speech of fate, the wheat from chaff, some do not past the test
In the place, where once gave face, just elements and ash

All fires are as signal flares
For those with eyes attuned to see them
Demons don't feel post hoc satisfaction
They leave the ashes seeking action
And so the ones who's eyes attracted
Arrive with light and ash is crafted

When form is thus returned but hollow
The ashen elementals follow
A course of action free from history
And fresh perspective on the mystery

A path to walk, a road to choose
Clearer choice with naught to lose
Where roads once easy, wide, to death
The path of heroes tangled brambled mess

Ascending form the subterranean
Is no action for the weak
The weight of chains and toxic filth
Demands a mighty grip and a strong back
There is no ladder here to climb
Only rope
The strength once gained does set apart
The trialed tested mighty heart
To see the dark and know the light
To embody wrong then be the right
The progress lost is not regained
But power often shapes the frame
You broke the rules and lost your name
So claim your reign and write the game
From all you learned, from all you gained
And so engage in resurrection
Of soul, of truth, of faith's protection
Belief is much the tool of gods
Combined with action grouped with laws
And channel life into direction
Purpose builds and draws attention
To helix spiralling ascension
Go forth now, master of intention
To draw the world nearer perfection

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